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Aalgo Out and About

For over 20 years now we have shared the benefit of Aalgo's natural formula through a limited number of health spas, health shops, health farms, exhibitions, and now predominantly on the internet.  We have a regular stand at St George's Market in Belfast and attend exhibtions and shows all over Ireland and the UK.  

Some Aalgo Exhibitions 2014:

Sandra with Larry Lamb at St Georges Market (August 2014)

Clipper Festival 2014

Ideal Home Exhibition 2014

St Georges Market Halloween 13

Your Aalgo Stories

This month we emailed all our customers to ask them to provide us with their Aalgo story.  We are overwhelmed with the responses.  Thank you so much for sharing with us!

If you have an Aalgo story please get in touch with us - email to 

Susan's Story Aalgo Customer Review

Here are some of the amazing stories we received:

Amanda's Story:

"My son has had eczema since he was under two. I have tried different diets, only root veg, only foods indigenous to Ireland (where we live), no dairy no red foods, I've seen a healer, had tonics made by 'witch doctors ' all the time I was seeing my regular doctor who prescribed steroids, steroids, steroids, I was very unhappy to put steroids on my son's young skin. I would only apply cream and steroid once a week if his skin had broken and was bleeding. I kept a diary I felt stress made him worse,  food didn't seem to have an effect on his skin and in the summer as soon as the sun peeped through the clouds my son would be naked and his eczema would improve dramatically. When he was three I took him to hospital as he was scratching so much his skin was bleeding. The doctor said it was the worse eczema she had seen and referred us to Temple Street Hospital. We received an appointment for 18months later!! I was shocked.

I carried on trying any idea that was sent my way,  then we went to the Ideal Home Exhibition and met a lovely man and purchased some aalgo. Everything he said would happen, happened. I bathed him, he slept. I hadn't realised how much he had tossed n turned at night until it stopped,  all I could hear was silence. His bed was full of what appeared to be sand, but I know to be skin. 

We have never looked back. My son's skin is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!  it healed very quickly as I had never really used amy steroid on it so it was strong skin, not thin and weak.

First I noticed the quiet at night, then I noticed he wasn't rubbing himself on the sofa or he used to rub his whole body on the carpet in our living room.  the itch had gone. The scratching stopped and his skin had a chance to heal. His skin is great now. It still can flare up, but nothing like it used to. Aalgo has changed our home. I have five children,  three boys two girls. They all get into the seaweed bath now, I think aalgo is great

Thank YouAmanda Bennett, Ireland

Erika's Story: 

"I was introduced to your products by our Naturopath when my then 2 year old son developed a eczema rash on his arms and tummy. A couple of months of regular baths in seaweed, and a slight diet modification, his skin was clear again. At that time, I tried it on the red and often inflamed skin on my cheeks, which was damaged by spending lots of time outdoors in Alaska, and being exposed to frost nip many times. Now that I live in the northern climate of Alaska again, I wouldn't be without this product! It is the only thing that soothes and heals my skin so effectively. Not to mention, it is the most relaxing bath product I have ever used. I can close my eyes and the scent instantly transports me to the sea... I love Aalgo!!" Erika Wilson, Alaska

Gillian's Story:

"I was introduced to aalgo many years ago as a 'beauty' type of skin mask.  I work as a colon hydrotherapist and massage therapist and as my product knowledge of a Aalgo improved I started to recommend it to clients suffering from skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

I used to give people a small sample and get them to use it as per the website instructions and almost all of them got better and ordered their own Aalgo.  I have seen outstanding results, not least because my husband suffers with eczema and does really well with Aalgo.  It is so gentle and soothing and one episode he had with eczema on his eyelids Aalgo was gentle enough to use on them.  His eczema is highly improved now and Aalgo is an integral part of this.  I also remember one particular client who suffered badly with eczema as did his son. I gave him a sample to try and 2 weeks later when I saw him, both he and his son were 90% better, having been so impressed they ordered and used Aalgo.  Another lady I remember had eczema on the soles of her feet. She used it and again within 2 weeks was better.   I am a huge fan of Aalgo as you can probably tell. It is a unique and powerfully effective skin treatment and is lovely to use, just as a seaweed treatment or face mask. 100% recommended.Gillian Edwards, UK

Niall's Story

"Hi. Every winter I suffer from excema, I suppose from a lack of Sun and was spending a fortune on different creams which either didn't work or caused other skin problems.  I came across aalgo at a market and after 3 baths my excema had cleared
completely! Many thanks!"  

We Want Your Aalgo Stories...

For more than 20 years now, Aalgo have been helping alleviate skin problems and cure skin conditions for people all over the world, including Europe, Canada, Australia and Russia. We know the benefits of our Aalgo products, and with over 900,000 customers, we know how popular our products are too but what we'd really like to know is what YOU think of them!

Share your Aalgo story

We already have lots of testimonials on our website from past customers but we'd really like to build a bank of success stories and hear just how many customers we're actually helping introduce to better skin. So send us your customer stories to - you can include some before and after pictures too if you have them to show the difference Aalgo products have made to your skin.

Check out what other customers have already said about us...

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7 Steps To Summer Skin

Silky, smooth summer skin is on everyone’s ‘Most Wanted’ list as the sun prepares to put his hat on and visit our shores once more. But can sublime summer skin really be that easy to achieve?

YES – with Aalgo’s ‘7 Steps to Summer Skin’!

 7 Steps to Summer Skin

1.       Exfoliate head to toe:

All that central heating and all those additional layers you’ve been embracing throughout the Winter months may have left your skin looking dry and scaly. Our Aalgo products are a natural exfoliant so take us in the bath or shower with you and start shedding those dead skin cells and unclogging pores.


2.       Moisturise the skin:

Once the skin has been exfoliated, it’s vital to replenish it with a rich moisturiser. There are various moisturising brands out there to choose from that can be lavishly applied to your skin; some are made from natural products, some contain SPF, some contain self tanning ingredients. But there are also products out there that can moisturise your skin WHILST you’re bathing – like Aalgo ‘For Dry Skin’ (£35.00). Bathing in Aalgo’s ‘For Dry Skin’ seaweed powder, for 20 minutes every day, will return visible results within seven days.


3.       Hydrate the body:

Moisturising the skin is a vital component to achieving a silky, smooth complexion but hydrating the body from the inside out is just as important. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day – this will help flush the body of toxins.


4.       Cleanse the face:

The last thing you’ll want to do on a hot, sunny day is cover your face with heavy make-up so to have the confidence to go make-up free, you’ll need a clean, clear complexion. How can you get that? With Aalgo’s ‘Face Mask’ (£12.50). Deep cleansing the face with an Aalgo seaweed mask will help you unclog pores, decrease redness in the skin, remove blackheads and prevent further breakouts.


5.       Swap your cosmetics:

When the weather is warm, you wear less and lighter layers so apply the same rule to your skin. If your make up products are rich a creamy, they can cause an oily build up on the skin – try swapping them for liquid based products that will let the skin breathe a bit more.  Same goes for your cleansing products – change to a foaming face instead of your usual creamy cleanser.

6.       Dry body brush:

Invest in a natural bristled body brush or long handled loofah. Starting from your ankle, make slow circular motions up the legs, continuing on to the rest of the body (avoiding the neck and face areas). Dry body brushing helps improve muscle tone and blood circulation, sheds dead skin cells and fights cellulite, as well as tackling nasty and painful ingrown hairs.


7.       Focus on fancy feet:

Summer is flip-flop season so you’ll want to ensure your feet are fancy and flawless. Add 1 tablespoon of Aalgo’s ‘For Hands and Feet’ (£21.00) to your foot spa or a basin of water and bath for 20 minutes to combat dry skin. Using the same product, you can also tackle cracked heels. With the powder, form a paste substance and cover the affected area; wrap feet loosely with cling film then place in a pair of socks overnight*. Rinse in the morning and pat dry.

 (*Diabetics should not leave this treatment on for any longer than 30 minutes)

Benefits of Seaweed - The Complete A-Z Guide


Seaweed kelp contains high levels of silicon to renew skin cells as well as amino acids which stimulate follicles, encouraging hair growth.

TIP: Mix Aalgo with water into a cream and apply all over the scalp and hair. Wrap in kitchen cling film and leave on for half an hour. Wash out with Aalgo shampoo bar.  Repeat this process every other day to see a visible improvement of your hair.


According to experts in Tokyo, placing a piece of seaweed over a cut or graze, then covering with a bandage, can help stop the bleeding faster.


Cellulite is the clinical term used to describe the orange peel effect on the skin. Cellulite (most commonly found on  the thigh/bottom area) is deposits of fat and toxins trapped in pockets of connective tissue beneath the skin. Seaweed penetrates these layers, shaking up the fatty tissue and boosting circulation to help expel the cellulite.                                                                        

TIP: Mix Aalgo with hot water and use as a seaweed wrap around cellulite prone areas.


Seaweed is an ideal product to include in your detoxification regime. Seaweed can extract toxins and expel them from the body.

TIP: Regular seaweed baths or seaweed face masks can remove impurities from the skin leaving it looking rejuvenated and rested.


The iodine contained in seaweed is a great treatment for dry skin conditions and eczema.

TIP: Use Aalgo seaweed powder in a LUKE WARM bath or add it to a foot spa or facial. 


Scientists in Japan believe seaweed can destroy the flu virus faster, and with fewer side effects, than current medicines.


Studies found that glaucoma patients reduced the pressure they felt in their eyes with a diet that’s high in beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and mineral selenium – seaweed contains all four.


Seaweed contains bioactive peptides which can lower blood pressure. By adding seaweed to your diet, you could warn off heart attacks and reduce the risk of other heart problems.


Seaweed helps to hydrate the skin thus providing relief from itching or flaking.

TIP: Aalgo provides a seaweed powder for use in a bath or foot spa to relieve these problems, or mixed with water into a cream for the face.


The fucoidans and polyphloroglucinols, which are natural anti-inflammatory and help with arthritic joints, are present in seaweed.                                                                       

TIP: Aalgo may be mixed with hot water and applied as a poultice or just added to a bath to relieve swelling and kill joint pain. Relief can last for up to 24hrs.


Seaweed in the diet (particularly in broth form) can improve the kidney’s filtration system and help it get rid of excess acid in the body.

People in Iceland enjoy one of the longest life expectancies in the world which many people believe is due to their love of dried seaweed. Seaweed helps absorb fat, leaving the body healthier overall.


A seaweed soak allows muscles to relax slowly, preventing burnout and injury.

TIP: Add Aalgo powder to your bath after a workout.


An upset stomach can often be the result of a deficiency in the body. Seaweed can help redress the balance, leaving the stomach feeling calm and regular.


Like oily fish, seaweed is a great source of Omega 3. A diet rich in fatty acids can fight dementia, cancer and heart disease.


People have been going to the Dead Sea for generations to relieve their psoriasis symptoms – now just do it at home with seaweed remedies.

TIP: Aalgo baths and or paste, will clear the visible signs of psoriasis.


Seaweed can improve and maintain the tone and strength of the quadriceps muscles in the body.


Scientists suggest that minerals within seaweed increase your libido, therefore putting you in the mood for sex.


Seaweed helps kill spots and rid the complexion of blackheads.                                                

TIP: Aalgo mixed with water into a cream and applied as a facial every other day will give you unbelievable results in three to four weeks.


Most of us hold stress in our bodies as tension in our neck, shoulders or back – the power of the sea in Aalgo can work therapeutic miracles on your muscles and mood.


Leg ulcers are both debilitating and very painful. Doctors treat ulcers with a type of dressing called ‘alginate’ made from seaweed.

TIP: Add Aalgo to a bucket of water. Sit with feet and lower leg in the water for 20 to 30 minutes. After, just pat the skin dry and sit with feet & legs raised.


Seaweed contains more vitamin C than an orange which means including it in your diet will ensure you’re looking after your tissue and organs.


Adding algae to a drink suppresses 30 percent of hunger pangs, according to Dutch scientists.


During dental X-rays, the body absorbs radioiodine into the thyroid gland and in some cases this can cause damage. But seaweed contains the mineral iodine which floods the thyroid gland and stops the uptake of radioiodine, reducing the impact of scans.


Seaweed which is the key to looking young is used in a myriad of anti-ageing products but in a very diluted form.                                             Aalgo which is 100% seaweed powder used as a facial and bath will keep your skin looking youthful, fresh and firm.


Seaweed, particularly brown seaweed, has been proven to reduce breakouts and prevent acne. Reducing redness and removing bacteria from the skin is just one of the many benefits of seaweed.